I Can Spell

I Can Spell is a research based program, designed to improve the learning of spelling and reduce teacher workload.


‘Look, say, cover, write, check’ does not work.

Why give children 10  words to learn every week, regardless of whether they can already spell half (or all) of them?

Why give children words they will never use because they don’t understand what the words mean?


I Can Spell is a simple, structured approach to spelling that guarantees consistency throughout your primary school.

A pre-test determines which spellings a child has to learn.  (If the child scores 6, they have to concentrate on the 4 they got wrong.)  A simple, structured approach to spelling lessons ensures that children understand the definition of words and can use them in sentences.  Rules are constantly revised and revisited and the ‘tricky bits’ of spellings are focused upon.  The scheme covers Early Years phonics through to Year 6 (and beyond for talented spellers).  It covers 100% of the national curriculum's statutory words and rules and virtually all of the non-statutory words included in appendix 1.

A wide range of materials is included which supports teachers and learners.

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