Both the I Can Spell scheme and the Grammar Builder scheme arose out of a school's need to tackle underperformance in the end of key stage 2 GPS tests.  The schemes align the teaching and learning of spelling and grammar across the primary age range, including foundation stage.  They are incredibly effective at raising standards in spelling and grammar.  As a result, they also improve teaching and learning in reading and writing. 

The schemes keep it simple and memorable for both teachers and learners.  There are ‘hooks’, songs and visual support cards that ensure consistency across the school.  Crucially, the schemes are popular with teachers because they reduce workload.

The impact of the schemes can be seen in the chart below:

Ross Sidebottom

was a successful deputy headteacher and Year 6 teacher for 7 years. 

Despite having very high proportions of children eligible for Pupil Premium, Ross’s classes would regularly attain and achieve above national averages in the end of key stage 2 reading, old writing, maths and science tests.  However, his classes’ GPS results were consistently below national averages.  Every class in his school had been taking a different approach to the teaching of spelling and grammar and it was resulting in inconsistency.

Ross developed the I Can Spell scheme and Grammar Builders to address these issues.  The impact of these schemes was immediate and dramatic.

Ross is now teaching a year 5 class in Derbyshire and supporting the school with its implementation of a more consistent approach to the teaching of grammar and spelling through the I Can Spell and Grammar Builder schemes.


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